Monday, May 28, 2012

Need something fun for the last week?

I can't believe it...4 days!  Are you kidding me?!?!  First of all, SO jealous of those who are already out.  Have I already said that at some point?  Oh well...I'm still jealous.  :P  But for those of us lucky enough (trying to stay positive...) to still be in school, I have something that might be fun for the last week!

I was trying to think of something fun and engaging for my math kids during our final days together.  My creation is "Fun with Food" math centers!  Which I found out that when I tried to upload it, there's already something with that title on TpT...oops!  It's now called "Fun with Food Math Activities" on the site.

Here's the deal...since I want you to have this in your hands NOW, I'm deciding to skip doing a giveaway...kind of.  There's no time to wait!  So I'm giving this goody away for FREE to the first 4 people (since there's 4 days of school left!) who comment below.  Simply follow my blog and leave your e-mail address!  I'm getting ready to call it quits for tonight, so you'll either get it in your inbox tonight (depending on how quickly you respond and how late I actually stay up) or tomorrow.

Have a great end-of-the-year!

Here's the description:

A fun, edible, and healthy option to have a little bit of fun with numbers! This pack comes with 10 different math activities. Only 3 out of the 10 involve candy. The rest involve fruits, pretzels, crackers, etc. Use this as an beginning-of-the-year activity, end-of-the-year wrap up, review for tests, or fun ways to introduce and reinforce math concepts! Your students will love using food as manipulatives!

The following centers/activities are included:

- Base Ten Munch
- Ants on a Log Count
- Skittle Survey
- M&M Fraction Find
- Grape Giveaway
- Apple Addition
- Orange Operations
- Peppermint Place Value
- Parts-and-Total Popcorn
- Cheerio Change

***This activity pack is appropriate for grades K-2.  Basic addition and subtraction are used, as well as place value, fractions, graphing, etc.




  2. I'd love a copy of this!

  3. I would love this!

  4. Oooo... am I #4. It pays to be up late finishing report cards!

  5. :) Love this idea, especially the healthy twist! It's going on my wishlist!

    (Hey! I'm a poet, and I didn't know it!)