Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother's Day

Don't forget Mother's Day is Sunday!  I seem to always forget about this holiday until the last second.  Then I'm scrambling to find something to do with my students.  Maybe because I'm actually a mother for the first time this year, but I actually remembered ahead of time and we're done with our projects now!  :P

The kids did SUPER well with our project and they turned out really cute!  I call them "Complimentary Flowers".  They cut out all the pieces and wrote a compliment about their mother on the middle of each flower.  They LOVED it!  I let them just have a plain white piece of paper for their "bouquet holder" and the decorated it on their own and then rolled it up.  I told them not to draw a really detailed picture because it wouldn't show up when they rolled it.  I emphasized the need to draw a design or pattern.  Take a look how cute these turned out!

If you HAVEN'T come up with anything yet for Mother's Day, I have this craftivity packet in my TPT store!  Check it out!  :)

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