Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wrapping Up the World's Fair

The World's Fair is officially over!  We ended by taking a trip to Australia last Friday.

My class's study of Africa/Egypt went really well!  I was SO proud of them and it was a blast!  I told the other classes as they came that they would have the "TRUE" African experience because it was 85 degrees that day and our air conditioning was NOT working!  Oh was SWELTERING!

The kids came up with their own products to sell to the other students.  Some even dressed the part!

Welcome to Africa!

The students had to go through Customs before they could enter the new continent!

After going through Customs, the classes were greeted by some of my "Africans", who put a sticker in their passport.  Then they heard some amazing African facts from our 2 tour guides before entering!

The first shop was an African Necklace Shop!  These girls cut, glued, and decorated 100 necklaces to sell!

This group of boys made 100 Egyptian Hieroglyphic Bookmarks!

These girls made "Egyptian Cotton Bracelets" to sell.

I bought one and still have it on my ankle...I intend to wear it all summer...

Here are the girls who made 100 paper pyramids!

These little safari explorers sold "Egyptian Petroglyphs" (ancient rock carvings).

And then there's our "Get Wrapped Like A Mummy Shop!"  Omg...MILLIONS of rolls of toilet paper later, my room (and the entire 2nd grade hallway) was a DISASTER.  But oh my, did they have fun!  They LOVED it!!!!  It was quite the hit!

Here are a couple of the shops with my our crazy attempt at creating Victoria Falls behind them...HA!

And finally, here is a shot of our "Pyramid Shop" and "Egyptian Bread Shop."

Needless to say, I slept REALLY well that night!  What an EXHAUSTING week, but it was a blast and the kids absolutely loved it!

I'm adding my "Africa" mini-lesson to TpT in the near future, so check it out!  :)

Happy Weekend!