Friday, August 10, 2012

The Big Reveal (and a HUGE sale, in case you haven't heard)

I'm alive!  We finally were able to move and we were without internet for a couple weeks.  That and I've been living in my classroom trying to get it ready.  I'm sure you all know how that goes!  ;)

So before I get to the fun part of sharing my room, let me mention that Teachers Pay Teachers is having a HUGE Back-to-School sale on Sunday and Monday!  I'm putting everything in my store on sale.  Be sure to stock up on tons of goodies from the site!  I know I will be.  I can hardly wait!

Now for the room reveal!  I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE taking a peek through the doors of fellow teachers to see how they set up their rooms for the upcoming year.  It's honestly one of my favorite times of the year!  There's still a little bit to be done, but here we go.  I'll add a little description here and there.  I know when I SEE something I like, I want to know more!  Now I have to tell you, most of these ideas are inspired/provided by blogs, Teachers Pay Teachers, and Pinterest.  I also have to tell you that my owl theme came from SchoolGirlStyle.  I already had the clipart she used and needed some bigger items this year, so my budget was a little tight.  I went ahead and did everything myself (even thought it did NOT turn out NEARLY as cute as hers!).  You should check out her blog and be majorly inspired.  Wow is all I can say about that woman!  Anyways....

Welcome to 1A!!!!

The sparkly letter outside my room (found at Meijer).

The view when you walk in.

To the left.

Classroom library...

Here's my little desk area...and yes, I have TWO Scentsy warmers in my very large room!  It makes my room smell SOOOOO good!

Birthday treats....I found the straws at Party City.  The lamp and plate are from Hobby Lobby.

Outside bulletin board.

This is my Squiggles area.  I first heard of Squiggles during student teaching.  Then I heard about them again at a 1st grade conference.  You give the students a "squiggle" on a piece of paper, they turn it into a picture, and then write about it.  It's AMAZING to see what they come up with.  You can order the book HERE.

Here is my "desk space" again.  I decided to get rid of my desk.  Crazy, I know.  :P  I constantly have students at my desk to work with them and I was toting things back and forth to my desk and guided reading table.  So I made my guided reading table my desk!  I only have my computer on it in the corner (well, except for the's covered in papers and projects).  This allows me to constantly have students with me to work in either guided reading groups or individual help.  And now I have everything RIGHT THERE.  I absolutely love it this way.  I'm not a woman of clutter, so for me it works well since I know I won't have stacks of things piled up with no room for kids.  I do have another desk behind me in this photo where I store materials, papers, and other things.

Look familiar?  Yep, it's my Pinterest project! :P

Here is our classroom Data Dashboard.  We track fluency, extended response, math facts, and sight words in our classroom.

I made cute little labels for our specials materials!  The green crate was  bought at Wal-Mart several years ago and the blue tote was found at The Dollar Tree a couple years ago.

This year I decided to put their name tags on their CHAIRS instead of on their desks.  That way I can zip-tie the desks together (saw that on Pinterest!).  If they ever need to move desks, they just move their chair and belongings instead of the whole desk.  It gives them a good excuse to clean out their desk, too, if they ever have to move.  ;)

Daily 5 posters (Ginger Snaps), owl decals (found at Hobby Lobby), and pennant banner that I made.

A bit of a closeup of the pennant banner.  I made one for each window by printing it on white card stock and then stringing it onto yarn.

Table signs.  I found the hanging decorations at Party City and printed the middle part.

CAFE board.  Once again, thanks to Ginger Snaps!

Phonics Dance board/Data Dashboard.  Monster Words are above and the colored drawers will house my Centers materials (word work on left, math on right).

The numbers for the clock are from Amy Lemons.  Then we have the Daily Schedule and Job Jar.

That cute number line is from Hope King!  It matches my room so well.  Here is my Focus Wall, pocket chart for spelling words, mailboxes, and writing table.  My next post will be all about Writing Workshop!  Oooo...sorry it's a little blurry.

I ordered these CUTE, COLORFUL bins from Really Good Stuff.  They are PERFECT for our book boxes for the Daily 5!  They're also going to keep their Data Folders in them, simply because I'm out of room to store them anywhere else.  :/  Oh, and my listening center is on the left there.  Still some tweaking to do.

Name tags above coat hooks!

Bucket Filling Area

Math Area.  I'm pumped about using Gumball Math this year!  I think the kids will really enjoy it.  I have math manipulatives on the table and in some of the boxes underneath.  The drawers hold all their Math Homelinks (for Everyday Math) and materials for each unit.  Each unit has its own drawer.

Well friends, there's my sneak peak for now!  Hope you enjoy!  I'm starting to really get excited about heading back to school.  :)