Monday, January 30, 2012

Markers and Paper and Book Rings, Oh My!

This is one of the most exciting parts of the year for orders for next year! I don't know what it is, but there's something so refreshing about filling out an order form of new things to add to my desk drawers or box of lesson materials. I'm sitting in bed flipping through the catalog for next year and I'm in HEAVEN!

Hopefully you teach in a district that is fortunate enough to allow you to order supplies each year. The school I student-taught at in Mississippi gave each or their teachers $300 each year for supplies!!! Man...must be nice. :P We get $100...and as you all probably know, it can add up quick! It's all about figuring out what's top priority to order and finding the best deals. I know I have my "favorites" that I look forward to getting each year. My very favorite item is MARKERS! Last year I ordered some Mr. Sketch scented markers (they take me back to my childhood!). This year I need to order more flip chart markers. I think it's the variety of bright colors that just makes me happy. :)

Do tell...are you able to order supplies through your district every year? How much do you get to spend? What are your favorite items to order? Is there anything new and exciting that you're planning on getting for next year? I can't wait to hear about your orders! :)

P.S. Don't forget to scroll down to enter my Mardi Gras Madness giveaway! The drawing happens tomorrow night after I get home from parent-teacher conferences! :)


  1. When I first started we got $250 to spend on whatever and then our PTC paid us back $200 oh things we bought with our own money.
    Now we get $200, and $100 must be on consumables, that the kids MUST take home, so construction paper, pencils, etc. The PTC at my new school only gives us $50.

    My must haves every order have been chart paper and sleeve protectors! Have fun shopping!
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  2. Your new design is super cute! Love it! :) We get $75.00 towards classroom supplies from our PTO. My old district didn't give us anything, so the money is like hitting the lotto! Count your blessings!!! You are so lucky!

  3. Small world!!!! I just clicked my way on over to your blog from "One Extra Degree" who I recently started following in the last couple of weeks. I saw in her recent post where she met up with blogger friends and there you sat in the picture!!! I'm teaching 7th grade math in Mississippi and we were able to spend $245 dollars! That makes me a very happy teacher! I can definitely relate to that giddy feeling you mentioned here. Anyhow, I loved "running into" via another blog!

    P.S. I rarely update my blog, rather enjoy following everyone else! Maybe I will be inspired to start blogging more! :)