Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reading Street Packets!

Ok, I'm official!  I now have my Teachers Pay Teachers store up and running!  I have uploaded a FREEBIE just for you!  Right now a lot of my materials will be geared towards 2nd grade Reading Street. I know I only have a couple stories up right now, but I'm in the midst of creating more - so don't you worry!  ;)  I should be uploading 1-2 stories a week until they're all up!  Here's a lovely preview of "A Weed Is a Flower"! :)

And by all means, if there's ANYTHING at all that you'd like to see added, PLEASE let me know!  I'm more than open to suggestions and would love to add things that you all need.  Just leave a comment or e-mail me and I will get right on it!  :)

So head on over to my TPT shop and pick it up!  :)


  1. Hello! Glad to have stumbled upon your new blog/TpT store. :) We also use Reading Street, but not so much in a LITERAL way...more of a Resource kind of way. We use the stories to help teach our skills--we don't necessarily use EVERYTHING that goes with EACH story. Next week, we'll be doing the Helen Keller story. I didn't know if you have your Resources for that story, but would be neat to see your ideas. :) We are doing some stories a little out of order, since we are studying Helen Keller and Susan B. Anthony in Social Studies next week.

    I hope this all makes sense...the later on into the night, the less I make sense. :) haha!

  2. Hey Amanda!

    That's so cool that you guys use it as a resource! I would LOVE to do something like that! My next story to work on is Helen Keller, so I will start working on that in the next couple of days. We are doing The Quilt Story this week. I LOVE how this unit starts targeting different things. I taught 1st grade my first year and the first 3 units in second grade have the same format as the 1st grade program. I then taught 3rd grade for two years and units 3-6 have the same format as the 3rd grade edition! I love how it bridges them. If there's anything you would like to have for any of the stories let me know and I'd be happy to incorporate! :)