Monday, January 23, 2012

Changin' It Up

I'm sure I'm not the only one...please tell me I'm not. :P

There gets to be a point in the year where I reassess and need some change in my classroom seating arrangement. It always happens around tis time of year. I don't know if it's because we are at the halfway point or if it's because it's winter and we're stuffed inside all day, every day. So I just totally moved all my desks. The group thing was just old. And if you wanna know the truth, after a couple hours, I moved them AGAIN! :P. Still not completely sold, but I do love all the space I just gained (now what to do with that new-found space is a different story...

So this is my arrangement...for now. ;)

Ok, so now I don't know how to load pics from my iPad...ahhh...

Stay tuned! A Mardi Gras Madness unit will be available on my TPT store later this week! Woohoo! :)


  1. I change seats about every 6 weeks but keep them in tables!
    Will you be attending the blogger meet up on Saturday? If so, I'm looking forward to meeting you! :)
    Stories From Second

  2. Lisa, I will be there! :) I'm so pumped! I'm pretty new to this world of teacher blogs and TPT, so this is way exciting for me! :) I look forward to meeting you! :)