Thursday, November 3, 2011

Writing Rubric

I despise grading writing.  I feel like it's so hard to grade sometimes!  I couldn't take it anymore.  I HAD to come up with a rubric for extended response questions.  One of our grade-level goals is to achieve 3 points on a 4-point rubric for extended response questions in preparation for the Ohio Achievement Assessment.  Even though my 2nd graders don't take the OAA, we start preparing them in KINDERGARTEN for this goal!  Every grade level has an extended response goal and a math goal.  SO....all that to say, I needed a quick, concrete, black-and-white (as black and white as you can get with writing) way to grade extended response questions.  I had been using a general writing rubric that could be used with ANY writing, but I felt it didn't measure the information I needed.  Here is the rubric in case you'd like to use it!  I graded some papers with it today and so far it has made the grading process MUCH less painful and a whole lot more valid, in my opinion.  :)

Click HERE to download the file.


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