Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tired Words

I'm so excited about my new creation!  It took me way longer to do this than I anticipated, but it's FINALLY done!  With some inspiration from my Daily 6 Traits book and Pinterest, I give you....TIRED WORDS!  I loved the idea of Dead Words, but I felt that was more "halloweenish" and wanted something that fit in a little better throughout the whole year.  So I put together a little boy in his bed (I'm not very artsy, so I apologize it's not very cute :P) and then I typed up overused words into "dream clouds".  I put the title on paper and cut it into pillows.  Then I hot glued everything to the wall!

Now, I know the first thing my students will ask is, "Mrs. Kirby, what can I use instead?"  I got the idea from Pinterest (quite the obsession) and put other options on popsicle sticks.  I ordered the pockets from Oriental Trading.  :)

Click HERE to download the "Dream Clouds."


  1. Sarah! We are going to try to meet up in Columbus. If you shoot me an email, I can include you in our planning/discussions! :)


  2. I'm an ESL/EFL teacher and I've seen this done before with paper slips, but the papers don't always survive the many trips in and out of the envelopes. I really love the idea of using popsicle sticks. Thanks!!