Saturday, October 29, 2011

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Yes, it is 10:40 on a Saturday night and I am working in my classroom.  I didn't have much to do today, so I figured I'd come out and get some things done.  My 4-month old son and I got here about 5:00 and have been busy, busy, busy!  He has finally passed out and is sleeping.  :)  We're getting ready to close up shop and head out, but I thought I'd blog real quick!

Parent-teacher conferences are coming up in a week!  I don't know about you, but it's always a stressful time of year.  You want to make sure your room is looking its best, your data is all up to date, and that you're ready to tell parents how their child is progressing.  We have data folders for each student in our district, but I wanted something concrete to give the parents to take home.  Sooooo....I typed up a conference form tonight and started filling them in!

We use Reading Street in our district (I'm a huge fan!).  If you happen to use it, too, then hopefully you're using the online piece.  Every week I put their scores in for their Selection Tests and we also take our Unit tests online.  The greatest part?  It spits out EXACTLY what concepts they're struggling with!  It gives you they're average test score as well.

So I typed up a form and pulled data from Pearson Success Net.  Basically, I made a Fall and Spring box for grades.  I also included a spot for fluency (I check fluency every week, so I just averaged their scores).  Then I made a box and split it in two (one half for fall, the other for spring) to show how they're doing with different reading concepts.  I colored it green if they have mastered the concept and red if they have not mastered it.  I went ahead and made 2 copies for each child.  One copy will go home with the parents next week and the other will go in their folder.  Then when conferences come up again in a few months, I will pull the forms out and fill in the 2nd part!  It's that easy!  I'm REALLY hoping this will be appreciated by parents and be of benefit.

Here is a picture of what one looks like filled out:

Click HERE to download it!  (I FINALLY figured it out, haha!)

Happy conferencing!  :)


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