Friday, August 16, 2013

Classroom Management - Blog Hoppin' Linky

Classroom Management is always so tricky.  Here are a couple of things I help do to help TAME THE WILD!  ;)

In our school, we are becoming HUGE fans of the clip charts!  I just love how students can move up, not just down.  For me, here are the rewards/consequences of each portion of the chart:

Pink - 2 Spartan Bucks (see below) + Extra Classroom Coupon
Purple - Spartan Buck
Blue - Verbal Praise
Green - Nothing...this is where everyone starts out each day
Yellow - Verbal Warning
Orange - Miss 1/2 of recess
Red - Miss entire recess, plus phone call home, and visit with the principal

I got this idea last year from Amy Lemons.  I painted a canvas and have 3 "hallpasses" clipped to it.  When students want to use the restroom or if they run an errand, they simply clip one of these on their shirt.

Seriously, this solves all no-name papers!  I allow them to highlight their name before turning in their paper.  It's so fun for them that they NEVER forget it!  I haven't had a no-name paper since implementing this.

Our school does a building-wide positive behavior plan.  Students can earn Spartan Bucks from any teacher or staff member in the building.  They can earn them for pretty much anything positive.  Maybe they finally achieved a great score on an assessment after working so hard.  Maybe they helped a friend and were caught.  Maybe they used their manners.  Maybe they turned in some important paperwork on time.  Spartan Bucks are handed out to the students and they have the chance to redeem them at the Spartan Buck Store once every quarter.  The principal has bins of little goodies and toys.  After lunch, they are able to go and spend their Spartan Bucks.  If they happen to get 40 Spartan Bucks, they get a special Pizza with the Principal party!

Keeping those Spartan Bucks organized is another story.  I found these cute card pockets at Lakeshore Learning this year.  I tape/glue them to the inside top of their school supply boxes.  They simply stick them in there and have an easily accessible place to keep them.  When the Spartan Buck Store comes around, they transfer them to a baggie and haul them down.  :)


  1. You have some really great tips on classroom setup and how that affects classroom management. I really like the clip "hall passes". I feel like hall passes always get left in the bathroom or lost, but having them clip it to their shirt is a great way to make sure that doesn't happen. I also like that you have a set number of clip hall passes that way it is easier for you to manage how many students are in the bathroom at one time. I also really like the highlighter idea for dealing with no name papers because from my experience kids really love using highlighters. As a preservice teacher majoring in Early Childhood and Special Education, I was wondering if you had any tips for new teachers or for teachers of students with special needs?

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    1. Hi Eliezel Limbo ! my friend pulled a template DA 31 example form with this link