Saturday, January 5, 2013

Resolutions: Organization + Some New Year's Classroom Fun!

Whew.  Can I just say it was an exhausting 3 days?  We went back to school on Wednesday and I was just too whooped to blog.  But here we are!  On with Organization...

Organization is my middle name.  Actually, it's Lynn.  But I might as well just hyphenate it to Lynn-Organization.  I am insanely organized, for the most part.  If I'm not, it drives me UP. A. WALL.  Can you relate?  Let's face it.  Not one of us has every nook and cranny organized everywhere in our lives.  If you do, can we please be friends and can I have lessons?  I think it's one of those things that takes time.  Just when I think I have everything organized, BAM!  Something else is a mess with no place to call home.  So here are my {embarrassing} things in need of some organization ASAP!

Truthfully, I've already started working on fixing 2 of these issues.  I will blog about them next week!  ;)

So what does one do with a 3-day week?  Well, for one, we did our mid-year AIMSWeb assessments.  My kiddos did pretty good for the most part.  We also spent sometime doing a January project for my bulletin board.  Friday we did nothing but New Year's fun!  I downloaded Cara Carroll's "Happy New Year!" math and literacy activities.  And it was free!  :)

But to start, my firsties really didn't have a clue what resolutions were.  So we went to the carpet and I gave TONS of examples and guided them through the first half of a "Can, Have, Are" chart.  They started to get the hang of it and came up with some REALLY great ideas!

Then we did some math/literacy stations all day!  My favorite thing is I had all the kids come up with a resolution for school.  I even made one myself!  It had to apply to school in some way.  It could be anything from turning in homework, practicing sight words, passing their +5s, getting all As on spelling tests, reading 10 books, etc.  ANYTHING.  But I told them it had to be specific!  It couldn't just be "I want to get better at reading," or "I want to get better grades."  I had them trace their hand on a piece of construction paper and write their resolution on it.  I don't have it totally finished yet, but here's a sneak peak!

If you will be going back to school on Monday, GOOD LUCK!  I hope you had a wonderful break!  :)


  1. You kiddos look so engaged! Sounds like you had a fun time! We had to go back on th 2nd too. We spent the week learning about traditions around the world for New Years. By the way, we all have a desk or cabinet that catches all the stuff we dont know where to put!

  2. Our cabinets could be twins..seriously! Sometimes I just want to throw away everything...ever feel like that? ;)

  3. Last year I asked a parent to help me out with my guided reading booklets. I have the set, including the ELL books, and they looked a lot like yours. I gave her my manuals, baggies, and a marker. She put each set, by unit and week, into a baggie and marked it on the front using a title I could follow (e.g. U3, wk3, Jan's New Home). Now I grab the week's baggie and can quickly switch it out each week. They are still filed in the blue boxes, but so much easier to keep track of.