Saturday, June 30, 2012

Flash Sale!

I live in central Ohio and we got SLAMMED by storms yesterday.  I don't know how our house survived.  We have huge, mature trees in our yard and not one of them came down.  Everyone around us in our county is without electricity, but ours is working.  They're saying it could take 5-7 days for everyone to have their electricity back on.  It was the most insane storm I've ever seen.  And we're gettin' ready to get more rain and storms in the next few.  I'm watching the dark clouds roll in through my back window.  We need the rain, but we could do without the wind.

It made me think to throw a super-quick Flash Sale in my TPT store!  You only have 5 hours to go on a little shopping spree, and then it's over!  So head on over and pick up some goodies!  :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Winner and Back to School Finds

First thing's first!  I went to to pick a winner for the Writing Workshop Packet!  The winner is...

That means rmoncelsi is the winner!  Congratulations!  It will be e-mailed to you shortly...

For those wondering, there was a sweet gal who left her info over on my TpT store, so that's where the 6 comes from.  :)

Has anyone else started shopping for next year already?  I'm like a little kid at Christmas when it comes to shopping for my classroom.  Y'all, I get SO excited!  All the bright, fun colors, all the ideas swimming in my head...I just love it!

Today I went to Party City and found some cute fan decorations that will go above my desk groups.

I also picked up some fun straws and a cup for my birthday treats I'm making this year.  If you've been on Pinterest, you know what I'm talking about.  ;)  The packs of straws were only 99 cents, as was the cup!  So for my birthday treats for my whole class for the entire the year, I only spent $7.  Not bad at all!

Next, I hopped on over to Target (my absolute FAVORITE store!) and got a couple things.  I am going to do Made for 1st Grade's Gumball Math next year with my firsties, so I found a CUTE file folder organizer to organize all the papers!  The best part?  It was on clearance for $10.48!  It even came with 6 orange folders inside.  And I love the way it flips open!

My final find for the day was a index card pack with tabs.  I plan to use it as anecdotal notes for my students for the different subject areas.  As I notice a strength or weakness, I'll jot it down.  I figure it'll be a big help when it comes to filling out report cards and conferences!

What I NEED to find is a set of plastic drawers, big enough to put papers in, that is COLORFUL!  I found some at Target, but the drawers were too small.  I figured I'd wait a little longer because they normally come out with all sorts of stuff when it's "Back to School" time.  If anyone knows where I can find some, let me know!  :)

Hope you have a great week and that you're able to start finding some good deals on cute stuff!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Writing Workshop Giveaway!

Oh. My. Word. Y' is seriously 2:15 A.M.!!!!! I got on a roll with finishing up my Writing Workshop Packet and I could. not. stop. And here we are...after 2 a.m.... Am I the only one that turns into a night owl during the summer? I think in the past week or two I haven't gone to bed before 1 a.m. Tonight is clearly the winner of my late nights. *Sigh* But I seriously have to show you what I just finished...
This is all you might ever need. It's got everything I could think of. Common Core correlations with posters. Bulletin board posters. Labels for tubs or drawers. Idea posters. Planning sheets. Primary and intermediate friendly templates. 6 different writing projects (letters, lists, cards, stories, book reviews, & reports). And the best part? It's K-5 friendly. Head on over to my store and check out the preview if you need a better look. I'm putting it on sale for $7 for the next couple days. 

 Buuuuttt..... I'm going to do a giveaway! I'm tellin' pays to follow blogs in the summer! :P 

 You have two ways to enter. You can enter once for each item below: 

 1. Follow my blog, leave a comment, and tell me if you're a night owl or morning bird. Don't forget to leave your e-mail address! 

 2. Follow me on Teachers Pay Teachers, leave a comment on my blog, and tell me your plans for the weekend. Don't forget to leave your e-mail address! 

 As for me, we've already established I'm most definitely a night owl. This weekend I have a wedding reception to go to for a fellow teacher. Other than that, RELAXATION (and sleeping in :P). 

 I will pick a winner randomly on SUNDAY NIGHT! I will keep the discount until Monday night in case you don't win ;). 

 Happy Friday!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lazy Days of Summer SALE!

Well, friends, I have been working my little tail off the past couple weeks on some projects for next year and some special requests.  I'm FINALLY done with 2nd grade Reading Street supplemental resources (the 2008 version), have the first 2 units done for 1st grade, and have the 1st story done for 3rd grade.  Whew.  I'm WHOOPED.  Maybe that's why I took a 3-hour nap today after Bible study...

So I'm going to throw a little sale!  20% now through Saturday.  Enjoy and get some early shopping done for the next school year (who wants to think about THAT... :P).  But it's always nice to get a jumpstart.  ;)

Click here to get to my store!

In other news, my life has been C-H-A-O-T-I-C.  Not only did we finish up school last week, not only have I been working like CRAZY on TpT stuff, but we also sold our house last week!!!!  Woohoo!!!!  We just have to wait on inspections, appraisals, closings, boxes,'s going to be an insane summer, to say the least!  Needless to say, I'll be hit and miss on here for a while.  I will try to update when I can!

Happy lazy days of summer, y'all! :)