Saturday, June 30, 2012

Flash Sale!

I live in central Ohio and we got SLAMMED by storms yesterday.  I don't know how our house survived.  We have huge, mature trees in our yard and not one of them came down.  Everyone around us in our county is without electricity, but ours is working.  They're saying it could take 5-7 days for everyone to have their electricity back on.  It was the most insane storm I've ever seen.  And we're gettin' ready to get more rain and storms in the next few.  I'm watching the dark clouds roll in through my back window.  We need the rain, but we could do without the wind.

It made me think to throw a super-quick Flash Sale in my TPT store!  You only have 5 hours to go on a little shopping spree, and then it's over!  So head on over and pick up some goodies!  :)


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