Sunday, November 4, 2012

November Currently and a Request for Help

Let's start off with some fun, shall we?  I give you - My November Currently!

***UPDATE:  My project has been funded!!!!  Thank you all SOOOOO much!  This means so much!

Last week in church, our pastor talked about how sometimes we have to ask for help.  He made us say, "Can you help me?" 3 times out loud.  I literally felt uncomfortable EVERY TIME I said it.  And I wasn't even asking for anything.  I was just repeating it.  He was trying to get it across to us that sometimes we have to ask for help, and we shouldn't be ashamed to do it.

So here we go...

Will you help me?

There.  I said it.  I still have butterflies in my stomach and feel weird.  Why do I have to be so weird...

Anyways, here's my dilemma, if you will.  I submitted a Donor's Choose project back in May for a new classroom carpet.  If you're a teacher, you probably know how expensive these things are.  Our school doesn't provide them for us, so we just have to bring in our own.  I've gotten a couple cheap ones from Target/Walmart that just fall apart and have the edges fraying.  Then I thought I was going to have an awesome carpet when we moved this summer and I no longer needed our huge area rug because we now have carpet.  Well...ok, this is embarrassing...we have a little dog.  She has had many accidents on said rug.  I spent 2 weeks Pinteresting every carpet cleaning idea known to man.  I've tried dish detergent, vinegar, Febreeze, special pet cleaner, had our custodial staff steam/shampoo the thing.  It's awful.  So I actually found something that worked pretty well and got *MOST* of the stinkiness out.  But now it feels all weird because of all the chemicals I've put on it.

Alright, now you've heard my sob story about my stinky rug that has a weird texture now.  This is the reason I asked for help to get a new one for my room.  I've had 2 whole donors and a match.  My grandma and a college friend.  It makes me really sad that I have 9 days left and still practically $350 left to raise.  The nice thing is that the money doesn't go to waste, because they can just give it to someone else if my project isn't funded.  At the same time, how crappy do I feel that those couple of people so close to me won't really help me out anyways. just bothers me and saddens me.

So with one last attempt to get this thing funded, I'm going out on a limb and asking my bloggy friends and readers for some help.  I know we're all tight and try to spend our money wisely.  That's why I'm going to offer any product from my shop, if you want, if you donate to my project.  Basically, if you were going to spend money in my shop anyways, I'm asking you to instead make a donation to my Donor's Choose project.  Please pick out your items that add up to the amount you donate and I will e-mail them to you.  :)

If you are able and willing to donate, please leave me a comment below with your e-mail address and the products you would like me to send you.  I will keep this offer going for the next 9 days, or until it gets funded.  It doesn't matter if you donate $5 or $500 (ok, well maybe not $500 since my project isn't that much ;)).  Anything and everything helps!

***Just found out about this code: Enter "HoraceMann12" when you check out and the donation will be matched!  THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO HAVE DONATED ALREADY!  I'm not gonna lie, I was bawling my eyes out when I came in to check me e-mail.  :)

I can't thank you enough.  This will really mean a lot to my students and me.

Speaking of projects to's my latest!  I finally finished my November Math Centers aligned to Common Core!

They're now up in my shop.  :)  Enjoy. :)

Have a blessed Sunday...


  1. Yay for you! I hope your project gets funded! :)

  2. Hi Sarah:

    I donated and used the match code.
    Aren't God's blessings just AWESOME?!

    Sending you good luck wishes...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  3. My first project was just funded last month! It made me cry! I hope you love your new rug!! :)

    Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

  4. Thank you all SOOOOO much! This is better than Christmas! ;)

  5. YAY for the love and support of our bloggy world!!