Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gingerbread Man: Escape Route!

My firsties did the cutest project today!

We made escape routes for our gingerbread men!  I gave them an oven and gingerbread man to cut out.  I cut a slit in the opening of the oven so they could stick him in to make him look like he was peeking out.  They glued a red hot for a nose and used sprinkles for the buttons.

Then they did a little procedural writing to show their plan.  Each student was given a map to fill in with 4 empty boxes to show the obstacles the gingerbread man must pass.  Of course, I had some who wrote, "Go past the toilet."  Ha.  I love first grade humor.  :P

And a word of advice:  Be sure to glue the legs to the back so the poor gingerbread man doesn't fall through!

You can find this cute little craftivity at my store for only $2!  Click on the picture to check out it!

Short and sweet tonight, folks!  Oh, and you should swing by a new store!  A friend and co-worker has uploaded a few things.  She has a DARLING activity about Rory the Reindeer.  He's a cousin of Rudolph and he has superpowers!  They get to go through the writing process and plan out the character of Rory.  I can't wait to do it with my kiddos!  CHECK IT OUT HERE.

Have a fabulous weekend!