Monday, October 1, 2012

Good News and a Winner!

I went ahead and picked a winner tonight since tonight is the last chance you'll have to get the October Math Centers for $4.  :)  The winner is...

That means that Suzy Q is the winner!  Congrats!  I will be e-mailing the file to you as soon as I'm done with this update.  :)

In case you didn't know, my principal follows my blog.  :P  She's totally into the blogging world, which makes me happy!  What a trendy principal!  ;)  She read my blog post last night and we had a nice chat this morning when I got to work.  She suggested, in order to give us more teaching time, that we should do our intervention during 2nd recess.  Then those teachers don't have to add in my kiddos to their class AND they don't have to plan for supplemental lessons AND we get an extra half hour with our homeroom firsties to keep on teachin'!  Isn't that wonderful!?!?!  I was insanely giddy when she suggested that as a fix for our problem.  It was like a huge weight lifted off our shoulders!  And of course, my team totally went for the idea.   I mean, hello...who doesn't get excited about having ONE LESS thing to plan for and try to fit in when there's so much else to do?!?!  I truly am blessed to have a great principal that is willing to help her teachers (I'm not trying to suck up to you, Shelly...promise!  I totally mean what I say!).  :)  I feel a MILLION times better tonight.  It was so nice to have an HOUR to teach math/calendar instead of cramming it into 30 minutes.  You teachers know how it is, you can do so much more with your students and really make sure they understand something when you have more time with them!  Just amazing.


Have a blessed week everyone!  It's beginning to look like the middle of autumn around here and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!  Soak it in and enjoy it!  :)


  1. I am so glad your principal found a solution that works for everyone!

    And I am thrilled to be your lucky winner, too!