Monday, April 30, 2012

World's Fair

This week is the World's Fair in 2nd grade!  Wow, talk about fun.  Talk about chaos.  Organized chaos.  Yep, that's it.  ;)

Each 2nd grade classroom studies and features a specific continent.  We have one classroom doing Asia (focus on Japan), one doing Europe (focus on Great Britain), one doing South America (she featured a little bit of everything), one doing Australia, and I'm doing Africa!  We're honing in on Egypt a little more.  Everyone completely transforms their room for the week.

Here's the entrance to my room...

Prior to the actual fair, we studied goods and services.  The students pair up and come up with something authentic from the continent we are studying to sell during the fair.

Here are some of my students cutting out money for the other kids in the other classes to spend at our market.

Some students are making braided bracelets in honor of African textiles.

I found this awesome pattern online for the large Egyptian collar necklaces!  The students colored them and glued beads to them.  They are fab!  

Next a group of students made their own petroglyphs (rock wall carvings).  They simply used white crayon to draw pictures and then painted over it with watercolors.

Another 2nd grade teacher had gone to the museum in Chicago a few years back and brought back a hieroglyphics stamp set!  So I had another group of boys make hieroglyphic bookmarks!  They stamped out different words onto card stock and then tied some yarn to the top.

And of course we decorated our outside bulletin board with a collage of African animals...I just love children's art!  TOO FUNNY!  :P

I'll be back this week with more photos and updates!  Our class goes on Wednesday.  I can't wait to share more and let you take a peek at our room transformation!

Happy Monday and have a great week!  I don't know about where you teach, but we are down to 23 more days!!!!!  Yippeeeee!!!! :D