Sunday, April 22, 2012

Explanation, Winner, and Voting!


I apologize for being absent.  Really, I do.  Let me do a quick, brief recap of what's been going on, just to tell you I really do have a reason...

My son (10 months old) got really sick.  I mean, REALLY sick.  There's this nasty bug going around apparently.  He got it, then I got it.  I only went to school on MONDAY last week.  :(  I'm overwhelmed about what awaits me tomorrow morning!  We ended up in the ER and almost took him down to Nationwide Children's Hospital.  It was that bad.  I hated seeing my poor baby hooked up to IVs and monitors.  He's MUCH better now.  I'm STILL not 100% (uggg!!!!), but well enough to where I've GOT to move on and start getting back to normal.

Also, my aunt (age 49) had a heart attack around a week ago.  It was very touch and go and they brought in a  special surgeon to do robotics surgery.  She had to wait a WEEK before they could perform the surgery.  So we left Friday (with me still being sick...hubby and baby stayed home) to travel up to Michigan to be with her during her surgery and see her.

I apologize for getting personal on my "teaching" blog, but hey, teachers go through real-life stuff!  :P

So.  Here we are.  At least it's before Mother's Day, right????

Our winner is...

That means Amanda Cypher is our winner!!!!  Congrats!  :)  I will e-mail you the file shortly.  :)

Also, Teachers Pay Teachers is doing a fun contest!  They are asking people to redesign their "It's About Time" banner!  I've created a few...if you like them, please head to their Facebook page, look on the right side under "Recent Posts by Others", find mine, and click "Like"!  Here's a peek of what they look like...

Click HERE to vote!


  1. All of your banners look great!
    Glad to hear that you and your son are in better health and prayers for your aunt's recovery. My had is 53 and had some heart scares recently, so I know what you're going through. Hoping that you have a great week back to work!
    I am also hosting a second grade math giveaway and I'd love to have to stop by and check it out!
    Stories From Second

  2. The banners are awesome! Glad to know things are a bit back to normal. Sending you good vibes :)
    I am officially your latest follower using Google friend even though I have been following you using Reader).
    Come and check out my Dr. Jean giveaway!
    My Second Sense

  3. That's some scary stuff. I'm glad everything is looking on the up and up.

    Your banners are super-cute! You have my vote :)

    Across the Hall in 2nd

  4. So glad things are getting better and healthier in your home. Seeing your baby sick is probably one of the worst feelings. I am happy your little man is on the "up and up." Thanks for the giveaway! Can't wait to get it all together for Mother's Day! :)