Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Quick Organization Tip!

Today I'm linking up with my gals from Primary Powers to bring you a little organization for the new year!  There are so many little tidbits and goodies that we're sharing and you don't want to miss any of them!

If you didn't see my last blog post from a couple days ago, see the post below this one!  I talked about how I organize my teaching data.  :)  I go into a lot of detail in the post, so if you want to see the specifics, just scroll down.

I made a quick little freebie for you to help you organize your own data binder!  It's an editable file that allows you to type your name to personalize it AND you can type your own content areas if needed!  I did the cover page in color and the rest are in black and white to save on that colored ink.  ;)  I hope you enjoy!

CLICK HERE or click on the picture!

Hop on over to My Second Sense to see what's next!  :)


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