Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bright Ideas - Write and Wipe Pockets

Are you having fun yet with the Bright Ideas Blog Hop?  I truly believe this is the BEST hop I have ever seen in the blogging world!

A few years ago I purchased these Write and Wipe Pockets to use in my classroom.  I used to have the students practice their cursive handwriting with them when I taught 3rd grade.  Then I switched grade levels and they got shoved in a closet and I forgot about them.  This brings me to today.

Some of my sweet little firsties have been STRUGGLING with writing.  Getting them to remember a capital letter and period is a miracle, let alone making sure they have acceptable content!  I wanted a way for them to be able to go step-by-step through their writing to make sure it had everything they needed.  I thought about making a little checklist for them, but I didn't want to run off paper every week for it.  Plus, we are trying to conserve paper/copying in our building, so I was trying to be mindful of that as well.  So I give you...

Not only did these save printing off a checklist for each kid each week, but it completely helped them revise their papers so that they had all the necessary components!  If you don't have these pockets, sheet protectors work just as well.  Just type up a little check sheet of what you want your students to focus on (and this could be differentiated to meet the needs of each student), slide them in a pocket, and give them to the students along with a dry-erase marker and eraser!  Instead of printing off 20 copies each week, you print off 20 copies for the entire YEAR!

Are you ready to keep reading up on fresh ideas for your classroom?  Next in the hop is Primary Inspired with suggestions on making 'tips' on the end of yarn and string for projects!  You'll love her idea!  Click on her button below to see her post. :)

You can always check out the links below that are all part of our hop.  Have fun hopping!!!!!  I know I am!!!!


  1. My students love to use dry-erase markers too, so they would love this idea! I like that it cuts down on copying/wasting paper.

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple

  2. I hope this doesn't post 3 times. I am having issues with my account. I love your idea of using the pockets with writing rubrics. I need to use rubrics more often! I use the pockets with your Shake It Word Work center. I put two or three sheets in the pockets, and the students work independently or in partners to find the words inside the rice bottles. It is a favorite activity! Do you have the rubric in your TPT? It is cute!!

  3. I like using this in the pockets - I love my pockets! It's similar to the post I wrote today lol about personal editing checklists! I guess it is a bright idea!

    Buzzing with Ms. B

  4. I got a few of these for free when I placed a larger order with a supply company several years ago. I used them so much, I ordered a class set. There are many ways to use them and they save a lot of paper! Definitely worth the initial investment.

    The Math Maniac

  5. I have been eyeing these pockets! They look super useful and fun! :)