Sunday, January 12, 2014

Slim Down Saturday and Some Math Facts!

Can I admit something?  I'm insanely organized, but sometimes I don't know how to prioritize.  Does that even make sense?  I have lists upon lists, check sheets upon checksheets, and mental lists upon mental lists (those are the worst!).  But I tend to get so overwhelmed sometimes that I end up FORGETTING what I have to do, underestimating the time it takes me to do something, or focusing so hard on something that things get pushed to the backburner.  Sound familiar?

Y'all, my fitness and healthy habits get shoved to the backburner a lot.  Between waking up early to get myself ready, get the kids ready, get to work, get ready for the day, teach 1st graders all day long, work after school, pick up the kids, make dinner, work on TPT, plan lessons, play with the kids, and do household chores...when exactly am I supposed to have time to work out?  And when am I supposed to make healthy lunches to take with me?  I'm so exhausted by time I get home the LAST thing on earth I want to do is cook.

But alas, I've got to just re-prioritize.  I used to work out all. the. time.  That was pre marriage and pre kids.  Does anybody know what I'm talkin' about?  Maybe you do.  If you don't, I'm jealous of all your free time.

So I'm teaming up with Gina over at Third Grade Tidbits for Slim Down Saturdays!  I'm hoping it'll help keep me a little more accountable with taking care of myself (as I sit here with a Mt. Dew trying to get rid of a massive headache.  Flaw #1.).

I'm shocked I lost 4 pounds.  Seriously.  But at the same time, I know what helped.  I made healthy food to take to work, I wasn't snacking all day like I did when I was on break, and I drank water during school (but then bombed when I got home with the whole carbonated beverage thing).  I'm going to try easing out of drinking pop, though.  Whenever I just try to quit, it NEVER goes well.  Baby steps!

So here are some pics of things from around the house that I'm trying to use to help this whole process.

Ok, don't think I'm a whimp.  I normally use 5 lb. weights, but I have a shoulder injury that I'm trying to work through.  I made the mistake of using my 5 lb. weights a week ago and I hurt myself again.  So I bought a lighter set to try and help my muscles ease back into lifting weights.  I got these 3 lb. weights at Target.  And I LOVE pink, so I was happy.  :)

I bought Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred right before I got pregnant and then put it on the backburner until after I had the baby.  Well, I did it last week and it kicked my butt, but I did it!  And it was tough, but it felt SOOOO good!

Here's my stash of water!  I have it very accessible so that I can easily grab one while in the house or as I'm headed out the door.

More fruits and veggies!  We have clementines, grapes, apples, and bananas in our fruit bowl on the counter.

The last thing I've been doing is this 30-day Squat Challenge that I found on Pinterest.  I'm loving it!!!  And no, none of those people are me...

Here's hoping that I can do a little better next week.  It's possible, I just have to make it a priority!

Before I head to bed, I wanted to share that I ***FINALLY*** finished my math fact fluency pack!  I'm sooooo excited about it!  Remember how it was called, "Banana Split Math Fact Mastery?'  Well yeah, I changed it.  I wanted to come up with a reward system that wasn't food or sweets related.  So I give you...

It's 147 pages of fun!!!!  You must check it out!  CLICK HERE to see it in my TPT shop!  I really think you and your students will love it!

I'll be back in a couple days to share things from last week!  :)  Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Wow, well done Sarah for losing 4 lbs! That is an amazing achievement.
    Good luck next week cutting back on the soda, I'm trying to cut back on coffee (why oh why are they so satisfying?).
    Keep up the good work, can't wait to see how this next week goes for you.

  2. Awesome job last week!!! The fact that you are naturally organized is really going to help in this process. It's all about being prepared. Whenever I have slipped up in the past, it's because I consciously chose to or because I wasn't prepared and organized. Having the meals planned and having fruit and water at an easy reach are key! Giving up soda...that's sooooooo tough! I haven't done it, yet. I'm not eating sugar, so sometimes a diet soda is all I need to help me make it through. LOL!

    Keep up the awesome work! We can do this!
    Beth :)
    A Kindergarten Life For Me

  3. FOUR pounds!!! You rocked it this week! (or last week, since I am delayed here). I gave up pop around Christmas time. Every now and again I have one (like today, but just a small from Sonic) or at a party. I don't even have any in the house. The first week or so I had headaches every day but things are much better now. I wish I could look like that after the squat challenge but I don't see it happening here lol

  4. I just came across your blog and all I've got say is, "You go girl!" It sounds to me like you have a lot going on and I can totally relate! Needless to say, I am now following your blog! Looking forward to seeing your progress toward your weight loss goal:-)