Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy V-Day!

Don't hate me, but this really is my least favorite holiday.  BUT, being home with my family and ordering take-out really has made it a lovely evening.  I stayed at school until 5:40 working on stuff, so it was nice to come home and not have to cook.  ;)  Don't get me wrong, celebrating love is great, but I'm just not a fan of Hallmark holidays.  Well...that and all the sugar at school.  ;)

Just wanted to pop in a quick second and let you know that the winners were picked for the giveaway! Kelly Stahl was the winner of the lanyard, Angie was the winner of the necklace, and Amanda Nickerson was the winner of the Scentsy warmer/scent bars!  You ladies should have an e-mail from me.  Thanks for all who entered! :) :) :)

I want to encourage you to keep checking back because since I'm a consultant, this will NOT be the last Scentsy giveaway!  And just to get you excited, I'm going to do another giveaway for Teacher Appreciation Week in May!  :D

In the meantime, I've been working on my new Guided Reading Galore pack.  I have had SO many requests for the template, so I'm putting together a huge pack with all sorts of things you can use for guided reading.  But since this about YOU, is there anything in particular you're wanting included?  Anything you're specifically looking for to help with guided reading?  Let me know and I will try my hardest to add it!  :)

Thanks, friends!  Have a nice, long weekend!!!! :)


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