Thursday, March 1, 2012


My oh my...what a week!  And it's FINALLY starting to feel like spring!  For that I'm very happy and grateful.  It makes it so much more bearable to have the sun shining, windows open, and flip flops on (after school of course).  :P  And to think, it's only March 1st.  And we're getting this type of weather in OHIO!?!?!?!  Everyone is just waiting for our surprise blizzard that comes out of nowhere.  I honestly think we're not going to get any significant snow (not even an inch) the rest of this winter season.  YES!!!!  :D

So apparently I'm still not that popular yet...fair enough.  ;)  So that means that all FOUR of you who commented will be getting my Bag O' Tricks pack!  Yay!  Since I forgot to mention it on the last post, please leave your e-mail below if you were one of the ones who entered and I will send it to you!  :)

Ok, I was REALLY hoping to get up my Biography Unit tonight, but I needed some more borders from KPM Doodles and I haven't gotten them sent to me yet.  Darn.  It should be up tomorrow!  Saturday at the LATEST!  I'm so pumped about this.  SO PUMPED.  Seriously...I've never been so excited about something I've created!  And of course, when it's finally done I will be giving one away for free (or more, haha!)!  But spread the news, y'all!  Here's the cover to give you a little taste of what's to come!  :)



  1. How did I miss your giveaway?! Oh well...your biography unit looks awesome!


  2. Yay!! My very first win! :) I was going to buy it anyway, even if I didn't win... ;)


  3. Yay!! I think you are great and I love all that you share!!

    I'm excited to use your bag o'tricks!

    An Education Lasts a Lifetime

  4. Yay! Thanks!!